About Us

AYAB is a Young Advertising Agency with a team of well talented and qualified professionals working on the advertising needs based on various requirements. With our Experience, we offer a high quality service, creative designs and timely delivery with best quality output. We imprint your imaginations onto the paper of creativity with our best printing mediums and assist you to find the best of the printing, fabrication & gift requirements which suit your needs within your budget.

Al Yaqout Al Banafsji is an Arabic term for Purple Ruby. Purple Rubies are extremely rare in nature and durable, resistant and transparent, making them highly useful. Being meaningful to the title, we offer services of the top quality nature by treating the customer with richness.

Our Motto:
You ask we Deliver is our Motto. Our Ever evolving and adaptable dynamic spirit empowers us to help our clients in achieving their goals in an effective way. Your Business is unique, and so are your advertising needs. Rather than offer one-size-fits-all solutions, we feel it is important to take time and determine exactly where your needs lie so we can offer solutions that are tailor made to your needs.

Many a small thing can be made large by the right Kind of Advertising –
Mark Twain